IFTA Tax Automation

Refuel entry and tracking and Precise report upload/import with fuel details (If you have regular reports).


E-Logbook was founded with the objective of simplifying procedures and processes within the American transportation industry. By developing the most affordable and reliable fleet management and compliance solutions, E-logbook has become the prominent provider of technology for the motor coach and freight industries.

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Compliance Simpler:

Hear our professionals guide you through the ELD Mandate and discuss how an E-Logbook solution matches compliance standards now and in the future.

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Optimize Your Fleet with E-Logbook

Discover why a number of fleets have exclusively chosen E-Logbook as their ELD Compliance Partner.

Reduce Costs

The most vying ELD solution with reasonable upfront cost and low monthly license fee.

Enhance Your Security Score

Pass through inspections, eliminate violations and reduce audit times.

Optimize Operations

Trim administrative tasks with real-time fleet tracking and HOS visibility.

Support Drivers

With committed 24x7 support, E-Logbook is there for drivers at all times

Solutions That Meet Your Needs

Whether you’re an owner-operator or manage a fleet of thousands, ELogbook’s got your back!

E-Logbook manages HOS for drivers by combining required vehicle information with driver status from the mobile application. Drivers just have to log into the mobile app and begin driving while their hours are managed automatically.
  • Get actual time HOS status information in the office and in the driver’s hands.
  • Utilize mobile technology to compute new attributes and transition to new regulations with basic software updates.
  • Share ardent alerts to the driver to prevent violations before they eventually run out of hours.
  • Keep your dispatchers and managers in touch with remaining hours to get the goods delivered securely and on time.
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Keep On Trucking:

E-Logbook is easy to use! You will not only be compliant, butyou will also reap the advantages of saving time, going paperless, and prohibiting violations.

You will get a ready-to-use software solution with company name and logo that lets professionals easily attach photographed documents to a trip or truck related to Proof of Delivery (POD), Pre Arrival Processing System(PAPS), Pre Arrival Review System(PARS), Tools (trucks, trailers), Other (whatever you desire).

Get All The Attributes Your Fleet Requires.

Electronic Logbook App plus ELD

Get compliant with the most economical ELD system.

GPS Tracking

Track complete transportation in real-time and view complete location history.

Log book Auditing

Get real-time alerts and automatically audit logs for HOS violations.


Integrate communication amid dispatch and drivers.

IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting

Expel the administrative burden of compiling state miles.

Cloud Records

All records are safe in the cloud and can be accessed with an internet connection

Genuine Time Tracking

Reduce fuel costs and track excessive idling.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Enhance vehicle maintenance with DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) alerts.

Driver Scorecards

Evaluate your fleet's performance to analyze improvement opportunities.

FMCSA requirements can be confusing and cumbersome and the Dec 2017 compliance mandate gets nearer every day. Our device is 100% compliant and FMCSA approved.

E-Logbook ELD is constantly updated and can manage any future rule changes or mandates.

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