Assets Map:

  • Disclose integrated details of real time action of all company belongings, HOS data, and road conditions collected from various data sources.
  • Bring the information from your GPS tracking and current dispatch systems into a single management console.
  • Analyze and display complete asset movement history. Indicate and detect stops, scrutinize history by particular dates and by date ranges.
  • Manipulate distances and manage routes precisely on the map. Filter belongings by asset type, cargo status, order information. View equipment status information and temperature. Managebenchmarks for quick asset lookup.
elogbook login

Fuel Card Protection:

  • Protect your business from fuel card related fraud. Providing fraud prevention measures with automated detection of card misuse. Issuing a onetime PIN code to the driver upon a fuel request.
  • Prevent misuse of the card by comparing the logging truck and the driver log book against the card usage database. Compare the location of the truck at the time of the fuel request against a database of authorized fuel stations.
  • Increase security by optionally activating the card only for the duration of the fuelling stop and deactivating the card once the truck leaves the fuel station or once an hour passes after the last fuel request.
  • Reduce overall fuel fraud by comparing fuel events against truck fuel levels, detecting inconsistencies and anomalies.

driving log

Price Calculator:

Offers customers with quick quotes based on the criteria such as direction, route, extra requirements, cargo type, customer specific discounts, quote history, and markups. Simplifies the quoting procedure, assuring customer specific pricing while standardizing complete cost management.

Maintain profitability while enhancing competitiveness by utilizing pre-calculated base pricing information and by utilizing quote history data.

Generate productivity with the quick quoting engine, which develops a dynamic quote per client. Store and generate quotes as PDF files and optionally email the quotes to the client directly from the quoting engine.

Event Triggering and Notifications:

  • Offers notifications to the personnel about belongings entering or leaving yard and other locations. Prevents missed connections, maintaining asset servicing agenda.
  • Prohibits loss and misuse of trailers, detects long standing equipment with signal triggers.
  • Offer clients with up to date information on location of cargo based on fixed timer email triggers.

Dashboards and Reporting:

  • Creates a report based on the unified information collected from all systems, including GPS, dispatch, fuel card management, HOS. Can create many reports including ones on the revenues, profitability, expenses,processes,resources, assets, clients, etc.
  • Notifies user to upgrade third party systems, such as truck management, dispatch, accounting and others.
  • Offers dashboards based on the reports that are most important to you.

RFID, GPS, IR equipment:

Offer IR equipment for maintaining precise details on hooking transports together from individual trailers and trucks.

Offer GPS equipment for tracking location of fleet belongings.

Offer door sensors, cargo sensors,and temperature sensors.

Offer RFID tags and readers for complete warehouse management.

Integrated Warehouse Management System:

We offer a Warehouse Management System as part of the overall solution which allows for simple integration of TMS and WMS data. Also warehouse layout management, task management, warehouse worker management, inventory management.

Manage cargo within the warehouse, maintaining correct location information for all cargo found on the premises, maintaining a database of cargo information including images.

Electronic Logging Device:

Offering easy to use ELD/HOS solution, compliant with FMCSA regulations eCFR Title 49, part 395.

Offering a direct connection to the truck ECM through a WiFi enabled J1939 ELD connector with bi-directional interface.

Optionally offering ELD/HOS through a GPS/3G module with on-board memory.

Offering ELD/HOS service, compliant and secure data storage.

On-line ELD/HOS Report Analyzer.

Offering the Owner Operator and a Fleet Owner with capability to receive economical services through ourmarketplace. The services will be provided by various providers who could provide better factoring options, fuel discounts, more effective logistics, etc. The ELD user will be able to post his or her own requests and offers.

IFTA calculations based on the fuel and miles purchases or receipts recorded in each province, state, territory.

There is support directly from the app, send us a message through the app and we will get back to you as soon as we can with a solution and an answer.

Simple to use DVIR interface for post-trip, pre-trip inspections, use camera to compute photos, draw notes on a driver report signatures, truck or trailer schematic diagram. Simple to navigate and export DVIR reports.